2600 NW 55th Place
Oklahoma City, OK  73112

Come join us and attend the High Holy Days at Rosh Pinah!


Attendance is free and open to all.

September 20  Erev ROSH HASHANAH - Wednesday • 7:00 pm 

September 21  ROSH HASHANAH Day - Thursday • 11:00 am

September 29  Erev YOM KIPPUR - Friday • 7:00 pm (NO Oneg – Fast Day) 

September 30  YOM KIPPUR Day - Shabbat • 10:40 am (NO Oneg) / Break-the-Fast Service & Meal • 6:30pm (For those who have been fasting)

October 7  SUKKOT Celebration - Shabbat • 6:30 pm at the congregational sukkah then a concert by Greg Silverman.


Fall Feasts Preparation

Dress Up

Just like on Shabbat, it is a more formal time so dressy clothes are appropriate. Please DRESS UP.

Arrive On Time

The Feasts are a different type of service than our Shabbat morning service. We read together from a prepared prayer book called a Machzor. It is important to arrive on time so as to not miss out on preparing our hearts for what the LORD wants to do in us and not interrupt the flow of the service.

Invite Friends

This is a great time to invite friends and family to join you for the service.

Bring Food to Share

Enter into the spirit of community by bringing biblically kosher food to share. See the sign-up sheet in the foyer.

Ready to Hear

Come ready to hear what the LORD has to say to us. Read Genesis 22. Come ready to respond – yes to the LORD, to serve Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Ready to say ‘Here I am” LORD – use me, use me LORD.

With a 'Good Eye'

"Three times a year all your men are to appear in the presence of ADONAI your GOD in the place which He will choose — at the festival of matzah, at the festival of Shavu’ot and at the festival of Sukkot. They are not to show up before ADONAI empty-handed, but every man is to give what he can, in accordance with the blessing ADONAI your GOD has given you."

- Deuteronomy 16:16,17.

With a cheerful heart, we willingly bring an offering for the LORD! The first-fruits are His – the tithe and offerings... He is our Provider – Our Redeemer – The Holy One of Israel!