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January 10 - April 4, 2017  @ 7:30 pm

Continuing our study from 1st Thessalonians, we will look a the 2nd Letter (Epistle) to the Thessalonians from Rav Sha'ul (Apostle Paul) to the believers in Thessalonica (modern city of Thessaloniki) in Greece that deals with truths that are important to modern Messianic Jewish congregations.  Rav Sha'ul wrote this epistle about 52-54 C. E. and it is considered one of his earliest written letters.  One key goal of the letter was to strengthen and encourage the believers in this city.  Rav Sha'ul chose to emphasize the second coming of Yeshua to encourage the believers and to make sure the believers did not fall prey to strange teachings, theories and opinions about Yeshua's return.  Throughout this letter, Rav Sha'ul focuses on the principles of faith, hope, and love while advocating for people and messianic communities to remain Yeshua-centric, yielded to the Ruach haKodesh and expectant of what great things GOD can and will do in a messianic community setting.

Second Thessalonians Study Schedule

January 10     Introduction: Is this book relevant to you and me today?

January 17     1:1, 2          The Apostles Speak Again

January 24     1:3 – 5        Worthy Sufferers

January 31     1:6 – 10       Justice an d Judgment 

February 7     1:11, 12       The Good Purpose of GOD 

February 14    2:1 – 3a      Beware of Deception!

February 21    2:3b - 4      The Great Apostasy

February 28    2:5 – 12     The Son of Perdition

March 7          2:13 – 17    Holy, Steadfast, and Strong

March 14        3:1 – 5        The Apostles’ Confidence

March 21        3:6 – 9        Earning One’s Keep

March 28        3:10 – 15    Workers Unite!

April 4            3:16 – 18    The Benefits of His Blessings