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George & Rivka Whitten from Arad, Israel - Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 10:40am

George & Rivka Whitten from Arad, Israel will be joining us this Saturday morning during our Shabbat Service. The Whitten's will share with us during the worship time and George will be speaking. Please feel free to join us at 10:40a.m.!

George and Rivka live and minister in Arad, Israel, an area often heavily affected by rocket fire from Gaza. George heads up Worthy News Network, a 24/7 Believing based news source with information from all over the world. Rivka Whitten music has reached audiences all over the world and impacted many with the power of the Presence in her songs. She has released two full-length albums: Lazman Hazeh (2009) and My Soul Thirsts for You (2014).

You can learn more about Rivka's music ministry by visiting her web site:  

You can learn about the Worthy News Network here: