2600 NW 55th Place
Oklahoma City, OK  73112

Youth Ministry

We love the youth of Rosh Pinah!  We have an active, Yeshua-centered youth ministry, dedicated to encouraging our young people in their walk in the LORD.  A time of fun, fellowship, making new friends and exploring the truths of Yeshua (Jesus).  Middle school and high school years are tough, but vital times to train students to be disciples of Yeshua.  It is not uncommon in congregational settings for youths to be served watered down, fun-and-games teaching aimed at drawing more numbers and entertainment for a given period of time. Our goal is to present our youth with the LORDship of Yeshua and the need to personally follow His call above all else.  We desire to see them respond to the call of Yeshua and to be His talmidim (disciples) here in Oklahoma City and around the world.

Program Overview

The Rosh Pinah youth group is open for all 7th through college.  They meet in the special youth wing of our facility which is next to the gymnasium.  The leaders Matt and Kacie Henson and Joshua and Cherry Lunsford have a true passion and calling to teach and reach out to teens for Yeshua.

Shabbat Bible Study

At Rosh Pinah, we aim to stand in the gap for our youth and not let them fall by weak teaching and study.  We really dive into the Word each week in a structured manner that equips our youth for practical, real life challenges.  We discuss critical theological principles that Messianic Jewish youth need to know.  The end goal is that our students will become theologically sound, vital members of the body of Messiah who love Yeshua and want to make His name great!  The Youth Study is every Saturday afternoon from 2:00-3:30 pm during our Shabbaton Equipping Time unless otherwise noted on our calendar of events.

Youth Worship Team

The aim of the Youth Worship Team is to foster spiritual growth in the hearts of our young people through music.  It also builds leadership and responsibility in members of the band.  Our Youth Worship Team is a group of young people with a passion for God and an insane passion for music that they know God has gifted them with and want to use it to glorify His Name!  They are in this world, but not of it and their worship music and attitude brings that across.

Post High School & College

The Post High School & College ministry is a dynamic and growing aspect of the Rosh Pinah Youth Ministry.  This is for young adults, ages 18-25.  It is our desire to empower young adults spiritually and practically as they enter new seasons of their lives.

Service Opportunities

Our youth not only have a heart for God but a heart to serve others in practical ways.  They support the Oneg Team and supplement the Shabbat School classes as assistant teachers.  They serve as mentors in the children’s program.  In addition, the Youth Ministry sponsors a Congregational Talent Share two or three times a year.  

Young Messianic Jewish Alliance (YMJA)

The youth ministry is the fastest growing ministry within the YMJA (Young Messianic Jewish Alliance).  The YMJA hosts an annual youth retreat in Texas.  We take annual trips to the YMJA retreat and have an exciting weekend trip each summer.  The retreat includes exciting teachings, fun activities, prayer opportunities, and fellowship.  Teens are encouraged and nurtured during this important transition time in their lives.


Come join us for a fun and spiritual challenge and growth.  Check out our Facebook page for to see what's happening!