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Worship Ministry

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The Hebrew word for praise is hallel.  The Hebrew for worship is shacha, to bow down, to prostrate oneself, to worship, to adore.  Praise and worship of our Messiah is a major focus as our congregation comes together each Shabbat morning.  As we come before Him in community with various expressions of worship, all who are present have a tremendous opportunity - to exalt the LORD together. Psalm 34:3 says, “Proclaim with me the greatness of Adonai; let us exalt His Name together.”

Our worship team is a group of anointed musicians that lead our congregation in worship and praise to the God of Israel.  The LORD has been faithful to bring musicians with a heart for worship that draws us into the presence of GOD.  We are humbled each Shabbat to be able to encourage those who gather with us to express love and gratitude to the LORD.   

Worship begins with an attitude and desire to seek the heart of God.  Yeshua said, “True worshipers will worship in Spirit and truth” (Yochanan 4:23).  In the Talmud (Chagigah 19) it is stated, “Praying without proper intent (kavanah) is like a body without a soul.”  A question to consider, when we approach worship do we have the proper kavanah?  Our worship teams seeks to help worshippers at all levels to have the proper kavanah before the LORD.  Below are guidelines and requirements for participation in our worship team:


It is very important for those who participate in the worship team to feel that they are “called, appointed, and anointed” to the ministry at hand.  


Participants must be born-again Believers of Messiah Yeshua, and their lifestyle must resemble that of a born-again Believer.  Participants must be worshipers on and off the platform.  Anyone who has difficulty worshiping at home or in the congregation is not ready to be a leader.

Talent and Skill

Although we recognize the importance of a pure heart, the musician and vocalists also need to have enough skill so that they can follow the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).  Musicians and vocalists should have open hearts to receive advice, correction, training, and should be committed to becoming proficiently skilled at their ministry.  One does not need to be a professional musician to worship the Lord, but God honors the discipline of additional practice and preparation. “Failing to prepare is preparing for failure.”


Worship team members should be actively involved at Rosh Pinah Synagogue and dedicated to our vision and to the leadership of its Elders and other leaders.  This commitment includes their prayers, regular attendance, and tithes/offerings.  Those who commit to serving on the worship team are asked to attend weekly rehearsals and are expected to do their best to make sure other commitments do not interfere with their ability to serve on the worship team.  Because we value the importance of family, prospective worship team members should not join without the full support of their family.  A positive “Can Do” attitude that builds team work is essential.  A humble attitude and being a team player is necessary to create an encouraging environment that stimulates worship within the team and congregation.  The worship team works best when working together and not as a group of individuals doing their own thing.

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are very important factors for being a member of the worship team.  Weekly rehearsals are required, and members should arrive ready to work on the designated material.  Poor attendance and showing up late for rehearsals demonstrates a lack of discipline and respect for the worship ministry.  Those who are unable to attend rehearsals should not expect to participate on the worship team the following Shabbat unless prior arrangements with the Worship Leader have been made. 

New Applicants and Waiting Periods

We constantly seek to expand our worship team.  Anyone interested in serving is encouraged to set up an appointment with the Worship Leader to discuss the guidelines and expectations.  The prospective worship team member will also have a brief and informal audition at this time.  New applicants to the worship team will be required to attend several rehearsals before “taking the platform.”


Lastly, open communication is of vital importance.  If at any time a member is confused, discouraged, or unhappy with the way things may be happening at a given time, they are encouraged to speak with the Worship Leader.  The only way to deal with hurt feelings, resentment, confusion, etc. is to bring it out into the open so that the Lord can help us work through it as a team.

Final Thoughts

Praise and worship of our Messiah is a major focus not only in this age but in Olam HaBa (Age to Come).  Yochanan (John) writes in Revelation 5, “They were all around the throne, the living beings and the elders and they shouted out: ‘Worthy is the slaughtered Lamb to receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and praise!’  And I heard every creature in heaven, on earth, under the earth and on the sea – yes everything in them saying, To the one sitting on the throne and to the Lamb belong praise, honor, glory and power forever and ever!” Amen!

Praise and worship isn't just singing songs and getting a good feeling in your heart.  Praise and worship is seeing God for who He really is—His power, His greatness, His holiness, His sovereignty, His love, and His compassion.  Our response is to give Him what He’s worth—the best of our time, talents, thoughts, words and deeds.  True worship is seeing afresh the tremendous worth of God and, in response, giving Him the best of everything you have.  Worship always leads to an outward look—a personal response or action—a desire to be obedient to whatever God calls you to do.