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Books are the pride and passion of the Jewish people and have helped to sustain us through the centuries.  They transmit the wisdom, record the experiences, and deepen the relationship between God, the Nation of Israel, and give a Jewish perspective of Yeshua’s life and ministry.  This is not an exhaustive list of the books we have on sale.  Please visit us and discover all the media resource material we have in stock.

Bibles & Translations

Art Scroll Chumash

Hebrew English Bible 

Psalms & Proverbs – David H. Stern

The Complete Jewish Bible – Translation by David H. Stern

The Power New Testament – Translated by William J. Morford


A Lawyer’s Case for God – Jim Jacob, Esq. 

Cook Books



Growing to Maturity - Daniel Juster

Talit haCumi – The Secrets of the Prayer Shawl – John Francis

That They May Be One - Daniel Juster 

Under the Fig Tree – Messianic Thought Through the Hebrew Calendar – Patrick Lumbroso


Celebrating the Biblical Feasts in your Home or Church – Martha Zimmerman

Christ in the Passover – Ceil & Moishe Rosen

Gods Appointed Customs - Barney Kasdan

Gods Appointed Times - Barney Kasdan 

The Fall Feasts of Israel – Mitch & Zhavah Glaser

The Shabbat Entering God's Rest - Barry Rubin 

Hebrew Resources

First Steps in Hebrew Prayer - Danny Ben-Gigi

Zola’s Introduction to Hebrew - John J. Parsons


A Lucky Child - Thomas Buergenthal and Elie Wiesel

Kasztner’s Train - Anna Porter

Triumph of Hope - Ruth Elias and Margot Bettauer Dembo

Until our Last Breath - Michael Bart and Laurel Corona


Culture Clash : Islam’s War on America – Mark A. Gabriel

Inside the Revolution – Joel C. Rosenberg

Islam and the Jews - Mark A. Gabriel

Islam and Terrorism - Mark A. Gabriel

Jesus & Muhammad - Mark A. Gabriel

Understanding my Muslim People - Abraham Sarker


As America Has Done to Israel – John P. McTernan

Guilty – Dr. James & Patty Hutchens

Israel Under Fire – John Ankerberg, Jimmy DeYoung and Dillon Burroughs

Letter to Israel – R. Dean Hubbard

Out of Egypt with the Messiah – Rami Danieli

Why Care about Israel – Sandra Teplinsky and Michael Brown

Your People Shall Be My People – Don Finto

Messianic Judaism

A Commentary on the Jewish Roots of Galatians - Joseph Shulam and Hilary Le Cornu

A New Look at the Old Testament - Derek Leman

Divine Reversal: The Transforming Ethics of Jesus  – Russell Resnik

Our Lost Legacy – D. Thomas Lancaster

The Incomplete Church: Unifying God's Children - Sid Roth

Yeshua the Messiah - David Chernoff


Hidden Prophecies in the Song of Moses – J.R. Church

Jacob’s Dozen – Will Varner and William C. Varner

The Temple and Bible Prophecy – Randall Price

They Pierced the Veil and Saw the Future – J.R. Church

Second Temple Judaism

Meet the Rabbis – Brad Young

The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church - Raymond Robert Fischer and Reuven Efraim Schmalz

The Parables - Brad Young 


Identity Theft - Ron Cantor 

Leave me alone I'm Jewish – Ron Cantor

Jewish Americans – Beth S. Wenger