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Oklahoma City, OK  73112

Our Vision and Goal...A Center That Is Centered Upon Yeshua

Written by Rabbi Michael Weygant on . Posted in Yeshua

Young and energetic, full of hope and plans for the future might aptly describe Kehilat Rosh Pinah Messianic Jewish congregation in Oklahoma City.

As an active messianic Jewish congregation, we have a desire to be a haven for Jewish people who are seeking Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. We also maintain efforts to be a blessing of the LORD within our local geographic community. The biblical feast days are central to our congregational life. Our worship services are lively and we are well known for our post-service lunch and fellowship. Shabbaton classes occur most Shabbat afternoons and are generally well attended and informative, not to mention, fun. Our dance team, Tikvatenu, is often involved with special congregational events and outside community functions. The youth (teens) ministry parallels the college and career ministry and the excellent children’s program. Tuesday evening gatherings consisting of prayer and teaching, are faithfully attended by an increasing number of our members and visitors. Hebrew classes on two levels add further to our busy yet productive weekly schedule. Regular meetings of the Woman’s Ministry, men’s retreats and monthly men’s breakfasts add a special touch to our congregational life. Attending both the national and regional conferences of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (M.J.A.A.) remain as much anticipated events for many of our members.

Financially, we support a number of important ministries working for Messiah in different ministry fields across the continents. Our commitment to the vision and the ministry of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance and the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues is strong and highly important for our congregation. We are also linked in the LORD with a number of local church groups and pastors who have a heart for the welfare of our immediate neighborhood. We share this significant concern.

Obviously, Kehilat Rosh Pinah is a growing, progressive community!

For these reasons, among others, we greatly need a Messianic Jewish Center in Oklahoma City that will foster sound messianic Jewish doctrine, be linked in fellowship with all mainstream believers in Yeshua and will maintain the focus of outreach, e.g. to the Jews first and also to the nations, as it was lived out by the Messiah Himself and Rav Shaul of Tarsus.

On a personal level, I am greatly convicted in the LORD that we must pray for and participate in, the furthering of the gospel message to the Jewish people of our local community and our nation. This requires an unwavering focus, our continuous financial tithes and sacrificial giving with generosity, plus a willingness to advocate the gospel priority within our individual and corporate spheres of influence. Here is a great spiritual truism: As we seek fervently for the well being of the Jewish people, we will also see great things happen and impact many more that are not Jewish. God is with us in our ongoing efforts to make disciples. It also goes without saying that GOD, through the agency of His ruach hakodesh, is mightily behind the current revival among Jewish people. Likewise, He continues to coordinate the ongoing tremendous harvest among the nations. For both these goals, the spiritual well-being of the Jewish people and the ingathering of the repentant from among the peoples of the earth, we must labor in union with Him, praying ‘the Lord of the harvest’ for abundant success. He is faithful!