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Stop! Repent! Rejoice!

Written by Jonathan Cahn on . Posted in Yom Teruah

The Autumn Holy Days contain wonderful spiritual truths. The first, Rosh Ha Shannah, the Feast of Trumpets, tells GOD's people to stop what they're doing and get ready to meet the LORD.

The second, Yom Kippur, tells GOD's people to repent and come into His presence to be forgiven. The last, Sukkot, or Tabernacles, is when GOD's people give thanks and rejoice in His blessings. Together they form a sentence that can change your life.

In one word, the message of the Feast of Trumpets is STOP; Yom Kippur is REPENT; Tabernacles is REJOICE. Together you've got: STOP, REPENT & REJOICE, a powerful message from GOD.

He wants you to REJOICE, but you can only rejoice inasmuch as you REPENT. You can only REPENT as much as you STOP. Do you want real JOY? Then you need to really Repent. If you want real Repentance, then you need to really STOP. You can't change if you don't stop. So dare to Stop. Take a break. Take a good look, draw close to GOD - He wants you to have real Joy and blessings in you life. It all starts. . . by STOPPING.

From HaShofar Sept 2000