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The Promised Land

Written by Gary Beasley on . Posted in Yom Teruah

Getting the facts straight.

An editorial to the Daily Oklahoman
Jan. 12, 2001,
by Gary Beasley, elder (Z"L)



Were I ignorant of the Bible and knew only what I saw from TV news coverage, I might agree with Max Dennis ("Your Views," Jan. 5). Hiding behind young Arab rock-throwers are grown men with assault rifles shooting at the Israelis. Of the over 4,000 shooting incidents the past three months, Arabs have incited 95 percent of them.

As for the claim the Arabs were there first, most are descended from people who came in from surrounding countries since 1900. They moved in be cause Jews were making the land productive again. Then the United Nations came in 1947 and declared any Arab who’d been there two or more years a Palestinian, God gave the land to the descendants of Abraham,  Isaac and Jacob. The real problem is that the descendants of Ishmael who have over 99 percent of the land in the Middle East don’t want the Israelites to have 1 percent of the land.

Israel took in almost a million Jews who were forced out of Arab-Muslim countries after 1948. The Arab nations have more than enough room and money to easily resettle all the Arabs who don’t want to live under Israeli rule. This could be done for a fraction of the cost the Arabs have spent trying to destroy Israel.

Gary M. Beasley, Oklahoma City