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Written by Jonathan Cahn on . Posted in Biblical Lifestyle

We've heard about all the things that have been going on in K'far-Nachum (Luke 4:23).


In Hebrew, kefar means "village" and nachum (like the prophet Nahum) means "repentance" or "comfort." Put the two Hebrew words together and you get Kefar-Nachum, which in Hebrew means "village of repentance" or "village of comfort." It's a real place; it was the village where Messiah lived and ministered. Kefar-Nachum (Capernaum) was the village where Messiah chose to heal, to comfort, to bring the good news, and to perform miracles.

To dwell with the Lord is to live inside Kefar-Nachum, the village of comfort. But Nachum also means "repentance." If you want to dwell in the LORD's town, you must dwell in Kefar-Nachum, the "village of repentance." Where do we find Messiah? In a place of repentance. When you come to a real place of repentance, that's when you'll also come to a real place of comfort.

So come today to the place of repentance in your life. Come to the village of the LORD, a beautiful town in which you'll find his presence, his healing touch, and his miracles. It's Kefar-Nachum, the village of his comfort.

Today I will

...put aside all distractions and meditate on Psalm 91, comforted by GOD's presence.