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Happy Circumcision Day!

Written by Barri Cae Malin on . Posted in Biblical Lifestyle

And when eight days were completed for the circumcision of the Child, His name was called Jesus (Yeshua), the name given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb. Luke 2:21


Since our calendar says that December 25 was Messiah Jesus' birthday, then 8 days following was His circumcision day, on January 1st. This is My covenant, which you shall keep between Me and you and your descendants after you; every male among you shall be circumcised...it shall be sign of a covenant between Me and you. Gen 17:10

This circumcision ceremony is called the B'rit Milah and it continues to this day. The word circumcision in Hebrew is namal (nah-mahl) and in Greek it is peritemno. The word in Greek also has a spiritual connotation - to put off of the body, the sins of the flesh. In Him you were also circumcised with a circumcision made without hands in the removal of the body of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ Messiah; having been buried with Him in baptism, by which you were also raised up with Him through faith in the working of GOD, who raised Him from the dead. And when you were dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made you alive together with Him, having forgiven us all our transgressions. Col 2:11-13

Old Testament circumcision is an Oat B'rit - a covenant sign between GOD and man. And yet the New Testament concept that Rabbi Shaul (Paul) spoke of here is also found in the Old Testament. Circumcise your heart and stiffen your neck no more. Deut 10:16 Circumcise yourselves to the LORD and remove the foreskins of your heart. Jere 4:4

The deeds of the flesh are as unclean fruit in GOD's eyes, these deeds are moral and spiritual uncleanness. Circumcision of the heart is to open ourselves totally to GOD, and in the above passages, GOD commands us to do this. We are to remove anything that stands in the way of a holy and pure relationship with GOD our Father. Moreover the LORD your GOD will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants to love the LORD your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul, in order that you may live. Deut 30:6

Such good news! For our LORD even does the circumcision in our heart. There are times that we go through - painful times, times of humbling, chastening and pruning. Yet, we must remain still and allow the Master Surgeon to do His 'surgical cutting' work. He knows exactly where to place His knife, to cause the least amount of pain, yet to cut away the flesh, in order to bring forth more fruit. But we must remain still.

If I struggle, I am telling GOD that I know better than Him. Surrender to GOD's will is the only way to peace. I am prideful when I resist, after all, no one likes dying to self. We want to live! Yet, it is only through suffering that GOD can bring forth His glory in us.

Father, I pray right now for the person reading this. Father, thank You for them knowing You personally. Father, You know their trials, their worries, their concerns, and also the unfulfilled desires of their heart.

Father, I pray that as they wait on You to do this Perfect work in them, that You will help them to be more like Yeshua Jesus in 2001. Help them to surrender when You call for that. Help them to bear up, to endure, to persevere. And help them to believe and really KNOW that nothing is impossible with You.

Thank You for the blessings in their life, and for the true spiritual riches that You abundantly give them.

Father, if there is an unfruitful area that they need to surrender to You, reveal it to them and please give them the grace and strength to surrender it to You. Thank You for our Messiah Yeshua Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

We pray in His name, being assured that You hear our prayers and we thank You in advance for what You are going to do in our lives in 2001.