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BDS: A Call to Action!

Written by Rabbi Michael Weygant on . Posted in Israel

Undermining the BDS Movement


If you are not familiar with the BDS movement, the boycott movement launched by anti-Israel Arabs in July 2005, you have been unaware of this recent diabolical attack on the nation of Israel. This time the attack is an economic attack based upon the unbiblical premise that Israel has no right to exist in the Land of Israel, specifically in biblical Judea and Samaria. One major goal of the BDS movement is to cripple Israel’s economy and thus weaken the Jewish state. This attack is doomed to fail. We can help ensure that to be the case by purchasing Israeli products and supporting businesses with commercial ties to Israel. Yes, we can help Israel as we wisely shop online or in our own shopping places. Collectively, the frequent purchase of Israeli products will have a broad and significant impact on the Israeli economy and its citizens, and perhaps even on its ability to survive.  You can make a difference!

The link below offers an extensive list of Israeli products and companies who support Israel and refuse to support the BDS movement.


The counter movement to the BDS movement is called, BIG, meaning, Buy Israeli Goods. The logo for BIG looks like this:


Ten popular products or companies linked to Israel in a tangible way are:

1.  Pampers                                                                  6.  Motorola

2.  Victoria’s Secret                                                      7.  Soda Stream

3.  Volvo                                                                        8.  Hewlett - Packard

4.  Intel                                                                          9.  Ahava

5.  Sabra Hummus                                                       10.  McDonald’s

What can you do? If at all possible and when available, purchase Israeli products. They can be found in many stores.  Buying Israeli products helps Israel. The irony of the BDS movement is that the very companies they attempt to boycott actually provide many good paying jobs to Arab workers.  You can be sure those workers for the most part do NOT support the BDS movement. Let’s support the BIG movement through the purchasing of Israel linked products and by doing so, show our unwavering, biblically based support of Israel!