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In The Beginning GOD Created

Written by Fritz Hagemann on . Posted in Apologetics

Following is the entirety of the seven part series In The Beginning GOD Created by Fritz Hagemann as originally published in the HaShofar Newsletters:

Dear brothers and sisters I hereby will start a new series of articles in our "Ha Shofar" dealing with the so-called scientific discussion about Creation and evolution.

We are aware that there are a lot of lies in our world today. Who is still able to say what is true and what is false (even news on the TV can be manipulated by a computer, and no one knows if this ever happened at all!)?

Today within this ongoing discussion we see two sides: on one hand we have people believing in the Word of GOD (Christians) and creationism, and on the other hand we have those believing in the hypotheses of evolution (evolutionists).

Theoretically both sides seem to be opposite of equal value, but completely contrary to each other! Which will be the finally true side cannot be proven by anybody, because no human being did participate in the beginning as an eyewitness! Nobody can say also that the "scientific" side is right with the evolution, because today our knowledge has progressed and has multiplied. And so I say it clearly: science has not even one, again: not even one (!) evidence for the assumptions about the evolution (and if we want to talk about proofs: especially today we have more and more evidence against the "Big Bang" theory and the evolution; see the numerous books!)

All scientists today have the same sources, proofs, and scientific physical, chemical and mathematic possibilities, despite we have scientists, who believe, and some don’t! Why? Because it is a question of faith! Every time I’m dealing with questions about life, its meaning and beginning, I’m dealing with questions about faith! And either I will believe, or I don’t want to, like the 1967 winner of the Nobel Peace Price, George Wald, said: "When it comes to the origin of life on this earth there are only 2 possibilities: creation or spontaneous generation (= evolution)! There is no third way! Spontaneous generation was disproved more than 100 years ago (Louis Pasteur), but that leads us only to one other conclusion: that of supernatural creation (= GOD!). We cannot accept that on philosophical grounds (= personal reasons!); therefore we chose to believe the impossible: that life arose spontaneously by chance!"

How came that people believe in evolution? Up until only 150 years ago all known and reputable universities still taught the Creation and the Flood according to the Bible! Well, the basis for this evolutionist thinking goes back to Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and his book:"On the Origin of Species", in which the origin of life is based upon chance and very long periods of time. The creating act of God was no longer necessary, and we have to realize why! If there is no longer a God, then I’m not responsible for my sinful life, and I don’t need redemption any longer! All is just the consequence of a coincidental and aimless evolution!

But if we look around with open eyes we can realize GOD’s almighty Creation and the miracles in it (see Romans 1:19+20)!

To show the embarrassing situation the evolution will lead you in, let me tell you a short story:

"In the beginning the conditions and circumstances for cars were much better than today. There were metal molecules, silicon-dioxides, and pigments; and so – due to the inner powers of matter - the metal molecules came together, struggling for higher levels of development, and formed themselves: some had the shape of cogwheels, which stuck together and after thousands of years made a complete gear, some formed cases and other shapes. Some metal plates were light and some dark, and at random it again and again happened that pigments were placed on those plates in the form of todays known numbers, and became instrument panels. Glass particles fit very well onto the panels and into the formed doors, and so protected the pigments from being washed away again in the primeval soup. So the inner parts in the growing car were protected also, which fostered their survival. All parts were put together by accident, the body work, the motor, the gears, the springs, the windows, and finally the tires were formed also. First they were formed out of wood, then out of metal, but by favorable mutations finally, after the cars had conquered the land, out of rubber, which gave them more speed and the advantage to survive (survive of the fittest!). Millions of years later some cars, by other mutations, formed wing doors, which extended more and more, and one day there was the first car, which was able to fly. This one was the ancestor for the later developed aircraft. And so on, and so on…."

Well, if this made you laugh, and sounds ridiculous to you, then you realize, what ridiculous explanations are used for even more complex living organisms, and which stupid stories try to deceive you and lead you away from faith and our awesome Creator GOD!

In the next letter I will present you selective examples from different subjects, as of Astronomy, Biology/Biochemistry, and Paleontology.

So, I hope you will gain something out of it! Until the next edition of our congregation letter "Ha Shofar"!

Glory to our Lord Yeshua ha Mashiach!