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OCCC Outreach - 2015

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Public Demonstration of Faith and Worship

On Sunday September 6th, our dancers celebrated the LORD in a public demonstration of their faith at the Arts Festival Oklahoma held at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC).  The dancers performed two dances in three different time slots during this festival.  Much effort went into preparing.  It was so worth the spiritual and physical preparation.  We trusted the LORD to show up and He did!

This outreach involved many from our congregation.  There was prayer covering from Rabbi Michael Weygant, shofar blowing by Ed Pindel, and Emcee duties were performed by Christopher Holden.  It was awesome how the LORD brought a TV reporter from Telemundo right to us backstage and he interviewed Miranda McNally and Frances Haddock as well as recording our dance “Hineh Go'aleinu Chai” (Behold Our Redeemer Lives)!  The reporter being Jewish, could read the Hebrew on our men's t-shirts and was interested in hearing what we believe!  

Miranda shared, “My experience at the OCCC dance outreach was as usual a blessing.  When the Latino Television reporter approached us, the first thing I remembered hearing out of his mouth was, ‘Baruch Ha Shem’, I remember a radiant smile on his face as he uttered ‘Blessed be the Name’.  I don't receive TV shows at home so I didn't recognize him as some of my fellow Mishpochah did.  He was very interested and persistent in why we were dancing and what the dance meant.  As he proceeded to set up his camera tripod, he continued to inquire about our group.  My more fluent Spanish speaking brethren were too shy and so they retreated, not wanting to speak on camera, reluctantly, I stepped in front and began to speak.  I remember stating we were from Rosh Pinah, a Messianic Synagogue, where Jew and Gentile worship Adonai-Our Father, Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of God and that He sent us the Ruach, His Holy Spirit and we worship Him through our dancing.  I recall fumbling for words, feeling embarrassed for not having been able to translate my English thinking into Spanish quickly enough.  Shortly after the interview, while we danced to ‘Lo Lanu’, the presence of the Ruach was heavily upon us and it was so very sweet, not a word was required.  My heart cried out, ‘Gloria a tu Nombre Senor, te alabamos!’ (Glory to Your Name Lord, we praise You)!”

This was a GOD ordained meeting for all of us.  It shows we always need to be ready to give a testimony.  When we dance for HIS Glory even when we don't see an audience - GOD opens the way for lives to be changed that we can't even imagine.  May that dance video and interviews be used to change lives for Yeshua!  

See the interview:

The interview is in Spanish and starts 1:05 point in the both videos. 

Unidos Oklahoma: http://www.unidosok.com/AccionOklahoma/2015/09/07/festival-del-arte-

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=38&v=TtA8VKNBhD0



Praise Adonai!